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Engaging Activities

Do you want to explore and learn more with your little ones but don't know how? I can help with EASY and LOW PREP activities to get you both laughing and learning right along side each other!

Farming Insight

You may or may not live on a farm... but I do! Come join me and my family as we navigate through the different seasons of the actual year and the farming year!

Classroom Resources

Gosh, who has time to create all the fun and awesome things you want to do in your classroom? I'll give you easy and simple ideas to engage students, stimulate learning, and make your life EASIER!

Welcome! I'm Bethany!

I help parents, educators, and others like YOU make their time meaningful by providing low prep AND engaging agriculture activities! 

You’re in the right place if you are a…

  • Out of ideas for engaging activities
  • Have no time to create or plan
  • Want to be AWESOME (which you totally are)

That’s why I create resources – to help you get your time back and be the educator and expert you WANT to be!

Why should you trust me?

Because I have been in your shoes…..

Tired, Stressed, Overwhelmed, Filled with the need to do more for myself AND my students. 

 As an Ag Teacher, Mom, Aunt, Godmother, Farmer, Wife – I GET IT! I have been there and filled with the need to do and want MORE!

Do you want to feel that relief of more TIME? Less STRESS? More ENGAGEMENT?

So give me your details. Let me help you. Why? Because you want to feel more like YOU and do the things that make YOU happy!

Do this for you – because I believe in you.

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